Down the Pan

On a crystal cold December night Moonbright with ice in the air The doctor’s car pulled up outside Bringing modern medical care Ascending hard stairs in the bright lit lobby He quickly finds your door Which waiting behind in your jim-jams you open Bring a smile, and cold air through your door “We better goContinue reading “Down the Pan”

Flooded University Parks

The river has pressed its sleek back Beyond the bank Forcing walkers back  From their path Giving ducks new horizons Opposite me here, wet-footed on the bench A bare tree is troubled By some submerged thing Making a frail and trembling hand Of its upheld branches Water moving through this place Like a dark serpentContinue reading “Flooded University Parks”

Wheat (Sapphic Ode)

Hidden giver, sighing life into fields of Wheat’s ears, rolling tide-like to meet the rusted gate of cracked through orange-ore, resting ajar guarding the hedge line Arms out, splaying fingers I divine life here- God’s flame, burning Barakah, sacred zephyr warming  fingers, frosted with tired life help them loosen and live bright


Beating heart blush out my blood  Then rest then rest then rest then rest  Cresting waves crash on my shore Recede recede recede recede  Howling gale you lash at me Then breathe then breathe then breathe then breathe Expanding universe you stream away  Return return return return In life we fill then die away InContinue reading “Diastole”