The Black Books, Vol. 1, Quotations — Carl Jung Depth Psychology

Black Books – A point exists at about the thirty-fifth year when things begin to change, it is the first moment of the shadow side of life, of the going down to death. It is clear that Dante found this point and those who have read Zarathustra will know that Nietzsche also discovered it. […] TheContinue reading “The Black Books, Vol. 1, Quotations — Carl Jung Depth Psychology”

The Day you Stopped Coming

The day you stopped coming I found your crumpled sock under the sofa One of your favourite pair It caught me, it stuck in my throat “She doesn’t want to come anymore” The SMS That modern telegram Landed like a soft bombshell I can see your last time here Dancing in my kitchen All posesContinue reading “The Day you Stopped Coming”