…and i am falling

Copyright TomDoughty photos(c)

 I have this thought…

 Our lives like leaves in autumn
 From high branches falling
 A thousand shades are waving
 Through spectral light
 And then a scent, of earth
 A cold nose and the sight
 Of a warm glow

 Four floors up
 The old flat we brought our son to
 The balcony where the parakeets visit
 The tall beech and the rolling park beyond
 The dense solitude of the estate all around
 Pushing its edges into the earthy common
 Its woods and mulched graveyards 

 And I am walking there
 With no thoughts of future 
 Kicking through undergrowth

 Through copse then open ground
 The contrast deepening 
 The strangers thinning
 I turn back for warmth

 Four floors up, I find you sleeping
 Four floors up, and I am falling 

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