We Don’t Have Wind Like This

 We don’t have wind like this…



 We don’t have wind like this 
 Here in the shire
 But right now the world is screaming
 Squirming on its axis
 I am here, it shouts 
 However much you fuck me

 A deafening rush
 The trees could crush me
 If the battling branches break
 And fell me
 The low clouds lumbar on
 Indifferent, closing down the last sneak of blue

 The west-south-westerly whips 
 All grass and grain flat
 Against dark earth
 Freshly turned by farmers blade
 Autumn comes abruptly this year
 As the leaves are torn to the ground

 My path ahead a boil of branches 
 Lashing at me
 The dry-gold giant hogweed oscillates insanely
 And the tall beeches mope and weep above
 The wind is an inferno
 The sound like steam is cleansing

 The earth feels separate today
 It says fuck you
 It feels like the the wind can hear me
 Shrieks back
 My heart beats a little faster
 And again that thought of oblivion 
 like diving under waves 

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